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112 - Someone to hold



Sometimes I stare at the bed

Knowing that no one's there

Something is telling me

That you feel the way I do

I dream of you all the time

Wishing that you were mine

I'm feeling so empty

Hoping you'll think of me

I need ya here tonight

1 - If I'm all alone

And you're all alone

Ain't nothing wrong

Having someone to hold

Oh, your tender touch

It means so much

It feels so right having someone to hold

It's very plain to see

I want you next to me

Give me your hand and

I'll try to understand

Girl I love you so

I can't let you go

Ain't nothing wrong with having someone to hold

Every now and then

I get to wondering

Are you with someone else

Or could you be by yourself

I turn on the TV

It's a picture of you and me

And I'm going crazy

Cuz I miss my baby

I want you here tonight, tonight

Repeat 1

Baby, I love you so

And everything that you have done for me

No one has ever done before

And I'll never let you go

You mean the world to me

And baby the way you make me feel

Whenever I'm alone with you

Is irreplaceable

(Girl, there ain't nothing wrong so)

Repeat 1 until fade




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