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112 - Stay with me



1 - I want you right here with me

If you really wanna be with me

Then come on, just stay with me

Cuz I really wanna get to know you

Oh, I want you right here with me

If you really wanna be with me

Then come on and stay with me

Come on and stay with me

Look at me girl, I can't believe

This feeling is more than a crush on you

And I can tell by the way you smile

You feel the same and we're both more than friends

2 - If you want it then baby tell me so

Why don't you tell me, baby

Candle fade, of love gotta let it show

Why don't you let your feelings show

It'll be our little secret no one has to know

We can keep it on the down low, baby

We can take it fast, or do you like it nice and slow

I need you by my side

Repeat 1

Can you tell in my eyes

The happiness when you are in my heart

The joy you bring makes me wanna sing

I love you and you mean the world to me

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

It's not hard girl, to tell that I'm

So in love with you, baby

And I know you feel what I feel cuz when

We're together it feels so right

So stay with me

Repeat 1 until fade




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