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2Pac - Do For Love



Turn it up loud
Hahaha, ahahaha, hey man
You a little sucker for love,right?
Word up, hahahahaha

I shoulda seen
you was trouble rightfrom the starrrrt, taught me so many lessons
How not to mess with brokenhearts, so many questions
When this began we was the perfect match,perhaps
we had some problems but we workin at it, and now
the argumentsare gettin loud, I wanna say
But I can't help from walkin out just a littleway
Just take my hand and understand, if you could see
I never planned tobe a man it just wasn't me
But now I'm searchin for commitment, in otherarms
I wanna shelter you from harm, don't be alarmed
Your attitude was thecause, you got me stressin
Soon as I open up the door with your jealousquestions
Like where can I be you're killin me with your jealousy
Now myambition's to be free
I can't breathe, cause soon as I leave, it's like atrap
I hear you callin me to come back, I'm a sucka for love
that's right,sucka for love

[Chorus: Eric Williams]

What you won't do,do for love
You tried everything, but you don't give up

Just when I thought I broke away and I'm fellin happy
You tryto trap me say you pregnant and guess who the daddy
Don't wanna fall for it,but in this case what could I do? So now I'm back
to makin promises to you,tryin to keep it true
What if I'm wrong, a trick to keep me on andon
Tryin to be strong and in the process, keep you goin
I'm bout to losemy composure, I'm gettin close
To packin up and leavin notes, and gettinghost
Tell me who knows, a peaceful place where I can go
To clear my headI'm feelin low, losin control
My heart is sayin leave, oh what a tangle webwe weave
when we conspire to conceive, and now
You gettin calls at thehouse, guess you cheatin
That's all I need to hear cause I'm leavin, I'm outthe do'
Never no more will you see me, this is the end
Cause now I knowyou've been cheatin, I'm a sucka for love
damn, sucka for love... sucka forlove
sucka for love


Now he left you with scars,tears on your pillow and you still stay
As you sit and pray, hoping thebeatings'll go away
It wasn't always a hit and run relationship
It use tobe love, happieness and companionship
Remember when I treated you good
Imoved you up to hills, out the ills of the ghetto hood
Me and you a happyhome, when it was on
I had a love to call my own
I shoulda seen you wastrouble but I was lost, trapped in your eyes
Preoccupied with gettin tossed,no need to lie
You had a man and I knew it, you told me
Don't worry boutit we can do it now I'm under pressure
Make a decision cause I'm waitin, whenI'm alone
I'm on the phone havin secret conversations, huh
I wanna takeyour misery, replace it with happiness
but I need your faith in me, I'm asucka for love
sucka for love, know you ain't right G but yet I'ma sucka forlove


I'ma sucka for love, sucka for love
Suckafor love






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