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98 Degrees - To me your everything




Baby, baby, to me you're everything

It's just the love and joy that you bring

No one can take the place I've given you,

Ooh, girl, you're like an angel in disguise

You are the dream that never will die

'Cause, baby, to me you're everything

(ooh, girl)

I've been thinking 'bout you lately

(Show me, show me love)

And it just troubles my mind

(Got my mind on you)

'Cause the things you said

Right before you walked away

It brought so much pain (Girl)

I've been walking in these four walls

(Thinkin' about your love)

Trying to find my way out

(Trying to find a way)

Got a picture of you

Deep inside my heart

And you know


There is nothing like the real thing

(Show me, show me love)

And girl I'll always be true

(Always true to you)

I've got no time to waste

I know there is no better place

Than right here with you

And yeah, you've got that thing

And I want it (And I want it)

And I know it by now (ooh, ooh)

There's nothing I ain't gonna do to you

(ooh, ooh)





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