Besedila pesmi

A La Carte - Viva torero



When I'm feeling down

When in a world of thousand tears I slowly drown

Then I want to go back where the world is mine

And where I have left the best of my time.

River blue -

Take me back to the valley where I belong

Only you know that deep in my heart

I feel lonesome from morn' until the dark.

River blue -

Tell my sweetheart that I miss him more and mor

River blue - tell him my love's still strong.

Roll on

oh river blue.

I tried to play cool

Tried to be free but all I found was ache in my soul

I am lost in walls I'm sinkin' in the crowd

How I need your love I'm prayin' out loud.

River blue -

. . .

Where's the door from dream to reality?

Where's the way to living free in harmony?




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