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Aaliyah - All I Need



I wanna love ya

[Verse 1]
Baby ever since I found you,
Seems like everyday I’ve been happy,
See the way you love me,
Turns me out, baby I can feel my heart beat,
Seems like lately I’ve been thinkin’,
Feelin’ that you are everything,
Feels like more and more,
I’m hoping that you are the only.

All I need,
All I need,
All I need is you.
Baby you’re everything,
Everything is you.
Baby you’re all I need,
All I need,
All I need is you.
Baby you’re everything,
Everything is you.

[Verse 2]
Baby usually when you do me,
Keepin’ me straight,
Show me all your lovin’,
Baby you’re so amazing,
Never dreamed I’d be cravin’ 2 be open,
Never thought it was a joke and
Didn’t know I would realize real love,
And I’d been hopin’,
That’d you,
Stay right here with me,
Give me all, give me all,
All the love I need,
Baby you’re all, all I need.


I don’t want nobody but you,
I don’t need nobody but you,
Said I don’t want nobody but you,
‘Cause I don’t love nobody but you.

I wanna love ya





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