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Aaron Carter - My Internet Girl



Ain't no doubt about it

I can't wait to get home to you

(I gotta get home, yeah, uh, uh, come on.)

Connected with my baby

Just jammin online with you

(online, online, online)

Here in my room we are as one

(together you and me, together you and me)

Hours connect

As we switch on (switch on)


She's my best kept secret

My internet girl (my internet girl)

She's my one and only

And I ain't tellin' the world (my internet girl)

She's my best kept secret

Hooked up all night with that girl

(my internet girl)

She's my one and only, my internet girl

(my internet girl)

My internet girl, my internet girl.

Shufflin' through my windows

Gotta find my way back to you

(I gotta find away, gotta find a way)

(I gotta find a way, gotta find a way)

You left me mail in the inbox

Thinkin' about what we should do

(I will type again girlfriend, so tell me, tell me what you wanna do)

You left me the password to your heart

(yeah, that's it. I got it.)

No lookin' back we clicked from the start

I wanna let you know

She's mine

[Chorus X2. fade]




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