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Action Action - Photograph



Pretty darling, stop running down my street

The tears are dropping like a nuclear meltdown

I never meant to let it come to this

Can we blame it on timing not chemistry

All night long, i'll sing the same somber song

Attack my decisions, and the horse they road on

Everything seems to be less that zero

A mascara hero with a heart of zinc

I never should have kissed...

I never should have...

And i never should have kissed those lips before

I never should've let you out my door

But now i'm stuck with your photograph

The words you chant, i never thought they'd

Be so true, dancing in my head

So pause this moment, till we meet in our next life:

A black tabby housecat, a bottle of xanax

All night long is one repeated love song

When have i became this tree

Till we meet in our brand new world

I'll count the rings, if you tie a string




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