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Against All Authority - Stand in line



You've worked your whole life

And you've got nothing to show

Stuck in your life and you've got caught in the undertow

Goin' down and gonna drown and

There's one thing I know I don't wanna be like

You hate yourself and you hate what you've become

And I hate it, too

And I hate you

And everyone that tries to stand in my way

Because I won't succumb

Don't wanna be like you

Give up your dreams

And stand in line wasting your life

And you're wasting time

Give up your dreams and stand in line

What happened to all you're hopes and dreams

You're not the same

And now it seems you've forgotten

Who you once were

That's so routine

Do you brag about it to you friends?

How rebellious you once were when it was the trend

But now it seems so adolescent

To offend

Don't wanna be like you




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