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Alanis Morissette - Fate Stay With Me



Oh, Please
Fate stay with me, and guide me along my way
There has been so many problems
So please stay, please, stay
Fate stay with me, will you help me on my way
Will you end my troubles
Will you please stay, please...

I wanted money and hope and
A dream to carry me forever
This is all the hope I got left
Help me to get it together, now
I can sing or act or dance but I still won't get far
Unless you help me please to be a big star


I don't want to be a queen, no,
Or a princess with all my jewels, oh
If you could guide me
And you could help me
but don't go too far, I just want to be a star


Yes guide me
Forver guide me
Will you stay with me and guide me along the way
If I succeed because of you, fate my friend
I'll be so happy





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