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Amanda Perez - I Pray




You know with each day that passes by, I pray to god I'll never forget who you are.

You mean everything to me.

I love you

Ooooh Ooooh

Ooh I pray

You were in my dream

Before I even knew that there was a you and me,

Now I can't wait to see your smile,

When I wake up each day,

It makes it worth while

With the kinda love you plant inside,

Specially with a heart so empty as mine.

All your soft tenderness is the one thing that I don't wanna miss.


I pray,

When it's time for me to say goodbye

I'll never forget looking in your eyes,

I pray,

That I feel your touch

And that God doesn't forget our love,

I pray,

When I close my eyes,

I can still see visions of you on my mind.

I pray,

That I see you in another life,

I pray that you still by my side.

Oh I pray.

Everything that you give to me,

Only comes in a fantasy,

It seems like life goes by so fast,

But in this time I wanna make it last. (I pray)

I hate that we live to die,

But only God knows why (I pray)

We all have a purpose,

And to see you again it'll be worth it.


[Slow rap:]

I wish that I could stop time,

I wish that I could rewind,

To the very begining of every second of my life.

To ask God on my hands and knees,

To never let me forget all my special memories.

See I'm only promised today,

And if it's my time to go,

I don't want the love of my life to ever fade away,

So one last time

Let me open my eyes.

To see what my life used to be like.

Oh God.





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