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Amanda Perez - Run With It



Talk to me, that's the only way I can find out what's going on

Finally, we can be ourselves we don't have to be alone

I'm giving you the liberty

To make me feel good

I can make you feel good too

I've got a hold on you

You've got me torn in two


Oh, oh, oh, why don't you take my love and run with it

(why don't you take my love)

All the way around the world and then back again

(all the way all the way around the world)

Why would you walk when you could run with it

Baby take all of my love, take all my love

When you smile at me the whole world stops and I forget to breathe

Suddenly, we can be ourselves, you don't ever have to leave

Ain't no mistake, you can't go wrong

A love like this don't come along

I got a hold on you, you got me torn in two

Take all my love

Baby close the door and grab a hold of me

So tight, so right, so good all night

I can feel you so deep inside of me

So please tell me why don't you, why don't you take my love

[Chorus 2x]

Take all my love, ooh, take mine




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