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Ani Difranco - I'm No Heroine



you think I wouldn't have him

unless I could have him by the balls

you think I just dish it out

you don't think I take it at all

you think I am stronger

you think I walk taller than the rest

you think I'm usually wearing the pants

just 'cause I rarely wear a dress


when you look at me

you see my purpose,

see my pride

you think I just saddle up my anger

and ride and ride and ride

you think I stand so firm

you think I sit so high on my trusty steed

let me tell you

I'm usually face down on the ground

when there's a stampede

I'm no heroine

at least, not last time I checked

I'm too easy to roll over

I'm too easy to wreck

I just write about

what I should have done

I just sing

what I wish I could say

and hope somewhere

some woman hears my music

and it helps her through her day

'cause some guy designed

these shoes I use to walk around

some big man's business turns a profit

every time I lay my money down

some guy designed the room I'm standing in

another built it with his own tools

who says I like right angles?

these are not my laws

there are not my rules

I'm no heroine

I still answer to the other half of the race

I don't fool myself

like I fool you

I don't have the power

we just don't run this place




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