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Atmosphere - Bam




BAM!! We land at your table like dinnertime

Asinine amount of women in the ticketline

Hit it from behind the picket sign

Switch the design and reposition the shine

Subdue what they knew thrown askew

Cut through with the focus of a "fuck you"

Frozen moments grown up made work

Open up the doorway, sewn up, pay dirt

Everybody wants to party

full belly still suckin on the parsley

Star sleeps between the hard sheets

You only parked on the street to hear the cars beep

Pan left, pan right, damn right the econoline

Weaves through the landmines

Continues until I leave mankind

Can't find control of the wheels on the van like BAM!!

We land on your plate like a housefly

Just another face from the southside

The fall guy, all eyes on the tall small fry

While I try not to make this doll cry

What you call "fly"? what you call "fresh"


I guess I'm best left for dead in a breath

That was never impressed by what's possesed

Girlfriend I need your help

Cause the head on my shoulders won't fuck itself

And homeboy, I need you as well, cause I gotta live

And I got a little bridge to sell

Gonna build a home out of syllables

Gonna be alone when the whistle blows

Cut the embyllical on the cymbols

The break'll shake your silicone when you feel it go BAM!!

(and when they started to scream, I thought

of Mike G singin "Everything good aint as good as it seems"

get ripped like flash) BAM!!

WE land on tour tongue like words

Didn't understand they were sung by birds

The sunlight burnt to disturb the earth

When the gun-fight burst occured BAM!!

WE land in your gut like hungar

Sunk your ship while you slept in the bunker

The thunder don't stop the slumber, plug in the sub

Turn it up, let the drummer go BAM!!

We land on your head like rain drops

With a chainsaw laced in napalm

Weight loss, pill pop, chaos

Thank god the best plays are made when the game stops BAM!!

And if I gotta die, I got faith the decision was made

That I was outta line BAM!!

And if I gotta die, I'ma smile from the pile

Cause I wasn't on the bottom, I'm a man

With a child and a voice and a lovelife

IF I get a choice then I hope I go just like BAM!!




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