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Atmosphere - Free Or Dead



So here I am, trying to be the man, right?

Using my gun to see at night sleeping with my flashlight

In the afterlife I hope the AC works

So while I wait well I'm a pass out and taste this curve

And she attacked with flirts, smacked my nerves

Wearin' that black skirt

Got my nature so hard it made my back hurt

I cracked a smirk cuz I was dumb and drunk

she gave wink and a smile and dropped a quarter in my cup

man, people are kinda odd so I keep my eyebrow raised

I only hear the words for what they mean, know what I mean?

and I do believe in God cuz I keep comin across all these fine women

with low self esteem, you know what I mean.

I've got attention deficet, I've got the bedroom eyes

I've the storms in my head, I've got my telephone voice

I've got to make a decision of whether I live or die

I'd rather just run cuz either way it's one hell of a choice


my car is like my own personal universe

she's my drug and it only takes twelve bucks to fill 'er up

but in my galaxy there ain't no room for Earth

so I'm leavin it cuz I can feel the oil pressure building up

turning over the ignition of my solar system

check the gauges, push in the tape, put my foot on the brake

shift existence, light my cigarette

and take it state to state until I crash into my fate

now I'm giving back everything they gave me, not a damn thing

it'll take me more than a good DJ to save me, and I'm not dancing

I can't seem to make up my bed, much less my mind

so I'm a take another puff to my head, and press rewind

I wish this car had cruise control, so I could rest my legs

I've got this itch to prove my soul, and test my fate

doing hunny in a sixty five, got stopped by a copper

caught, spotted, and radared by a chopper

Wisconsin style!, over the limit by forty miles

Watch me smile, cuz I ain't been around here for a long while

grabbed my paper, gave her thanks?, have a nice day

yo, word of advice, trade the doughnuts in and gets some rice cakes

back to my travels, running from my shadows

passin hitchhikers and bikers honkin the horn harrasin the cattle

hair back sticking to the seat, sweat drippin from the heat

diggin through a cooler of gruel, I'm looking for something to eat

yo, there's a Hardee's at the next stop

don't wanna, but I need ta'

cuz I'm craving something to chase the taste of this tequila

(uhh, yeah, you guys got value meals? can you put some barbecue

sauce... I wanna honey bun. change that shit. I want chicken pebbles.

no, onion bun, onion bun. onion rings. extra pork. word up. can you

supersize that? yo girl, you got kind of a pretty voice. yo girl, what

time yu get off work?)

90 east towards Chicago, on my way to Cincinnati

I won't ever let em catch me, and I won't ever make em happy

watch your wives and your daughters when I'm passin through the

hometown, castin lines into the water, catchin goldfish out your bowl

and I'm as cool as the cat that came to school just for lunch

I'm the rebel pissin in the public pool, just for fun

takin my peace

I need release, and I don't think I'm a find it in between your legs

yo, I'm just jokin, only going to the corner to get some eggs

so when she starts makin the coffee I toss my bags in the back seat

and I can remember it all like it must have happened last week

sometimes I stop to think, for all the money I've spent

how I'd rather live in a tent than bust my ass and pay the rent

but I'm eager to pay my dues, and I'd be glad to pay the tollbooth

and I've agreed to sing the blues ever since the day I broke loose

just like a blindfolded child walking through the toy store

voice, not even aware that the world is my oyster

[Chorus - 2X]




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