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Atmosphere - Little Man



[Verse 1]

Dear Jacob

I won't take up too much of you time

I know you're trying to get your video game-grind on

And that's fine

Just gimme a second to empty my face

Before I hit the road again to go and win this paper chase

I've been watching you man

I'm proud of you man

You're growing up to be the best man that you possibly can

I know you understand

Why I go out of town

I also know my days are colder when you're not around

Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be adapted to the fact

That daddy never lived inside the same shack

And sometimes I get this pain in my stomach's pit

It's what I get

I'm convinced it's my punishment

For those nights I got drunk and let go at some bar

In some city with some people I don't know

For all the times that the lines on your face

Reminded me of the days before the dagonflies escaped

It trips me out how you pick up all my traits

From the way that you spit to the fists that you make

I watch the way you try to keep your mom happy

Daddy learned that from you

You're supposed to learn that from daddy

I can't teach much when it comes to women

I drive safe and slow but don't know nothing 'bout the engine

You're doing good little man thats all I really meant

I love you

You're my best friend, thanks for listening

[Verse 2]

Dear Craig

What up bones? How it goes?

Yeah, me? Well, you know, you know, same old, same old

Sorry that the phone calls ain't too routine

Just been runnin' around the globe tryin' to do my thing

Sometimes the weeks fly a little too fast

And sometimes I go to sleep a little too trashed

Other times I'm not sittin' on enough cash

And other times today feels too much like the past

Sometimes at night I would watch y'all fight

A child wonderin'

Why your life just ain't alright?

What's the violence about? Why's it in my house?

And even the memories are turned up too loud

Yeah, I got some issues in my head

Knew we should've started fixing 'em back when she left you

I'm not trying to get you down, I know you're different now

But your little man justs wants you to listen now

I'm over thirty, can't maintain relations

All these women wanna hurt me and I just don't have the patience

I can't trust 'em

And they're not much help

When they start to push and pull the buttons I don't trust myself

What pride, fists, and words just might do?

I'm afraid of my fate, don't wanna turn out like you

I've never hit a woman

I won't do coke

And for that alone I love you and I wanna thank you old man

[Verse 3]

Dear Sean

What's goin' on?

Not much to say

Just checkin' in wit'cha trying to see what's wrong today

I know there's gotta be something kickin' your bruises

How's the love? How's the music? How's the self-abusiveness?

Got a lot to lose, it's breakin' your shoulders

So you let your paranoia place your bets for you

Too many cigarettes, messin' up your voice

Too many arguments, tryin' to test your poise

The only women that love you are fans and family

Mom has no choice, but fans leave you randomly

No heavy rotation

In any location

You're not ready to face that you have no steady vocation

Plus you're gettin' old, your raps are exhausted

Stop it, everybody knows that you've lost it

Singin' for these kids you don't know

When you should be at home with your own instead you're on your telephone

Fightin' with your girl like it's you against the world

Another drunk hotel bedroom corner, curled up like a naked fetus

Come and save him Jesus

Place him back in time before the Reaganomics and Adidas

Sometimes you're not impressed with the work you've done

And love isn't love if you didn't hurt someone

Your son says, "Hi dad."

Your dad says, "Whats up?"

And me, I wanna thank you, but I won't, I'll just say, "Good luck."




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