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Avant - You



Yea, I just want yall to get up on this one

Its goin down real big tonight

She dipped in tha club

Baby walk was mean

Way that ass move

In them Cavalli jeans

Manolo heal, coat, and bag too

She was flickin fo sho

And her whole crew

I said


Step ova here into mah booth

Pop that Crystal, pour that Gray Goose

Turn tha track up its bout ta get loose

I wanna say somethin to ya

You sexy lady, you make me crazy, crazy

Your so lovely' lovely

You make me, make me

Make me wanna touch

Make me wanna grab Like a 64 keep dem bouncin

Right in front of me

baby work it for me

Bidy movin girl

Your seducin me

Girl I see your crew

What they wanna do

Got mah niggaz around

Lookin for some bust downs

I wanna hit it

Wanna split it

Wanna get it

So baby take a couple of drinks

N get wit it


Your bodys poppin

Girl I aint stoppin

I wanna give you mo

I send chills up your spine

You make me loose mah mind






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