Besedila pesmi

Ayeshy - Voice of my mind



My beautiful sorrow

Is waiting for call

The call from the hall

Of my beautiful minds.

Melody sounds as

A voice of my mind

Are closed in my heart.

My soul will fall

My mind is down

And I can hear that sound,

A voice of my mind.

First smile on faces,

First lucky for child

But my heart is broken

So we will live in wild.

Melody sounds as

A voice of my mind

Are closed in my heart.

I trying just to be alive

My minds are falling in the dark.

I trying to keep my soul above,

But I dieing very slow.

I can't hear you anymore,

Leave me alone with my soul,

I can't live any more.

Listen to the wings,

They're immortal in skies,

And I just wanna be

Like the other sounds.

Melody sounds as

A voice of my mind

Leave me alone with sorrow in heart.




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