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Baby Bash - Baby I`m Back



Don't look no farther!

Baby im back (yeah)

Im here to cater to you (any thing that you want me: do ill do it)

Cause Ill be your lover (ill be your lover)

Ill be your best friend

Tell me what I gotta do (tell me what I gotta do and ill do it)

[Baby Bash]

Now im back in a flesh

Feelin so blessed, back in your corner suga, suga don't stress

Forget about the rest; let's go inside, im back in your zone

Baby im back in your vibe, now I cant be denied I can lie im on ya

I never ever wanna say sayonara

Some body told me that the grass was greener

On the other side of lake haewa

Never really used to be a mean to cheat her

What I gotta do to be a keeper

These words comin out the speaker, true love is off the meter


[Baby Bash]

I was gone for a minute but now im home,

Kids forget me for being a rolling stone,

Please forgive me let me polish it up like chrome,

Get off the phone till he swears to leave me alone,

Let my start your interest, now there's no more dating on the internet,

Cause you already know how I get it wet, how I get it so salty and I get respect,

You don't have to look no farter, you dealin with the hoe with your lada,

You don't have to look no farther, you hotter then a fire starter


[Baby Bash]

I was gone for a minute, (oooohhh) [repeat x3]

Now im back let me hit it (oooohhh) [repeat x4]

[Chorus x2]




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