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Beanie Sigel - Flatline f. p. crakk



(Peedi Crack)

Uh Uh huh Uh Huh Uh

I'll box your fuckin' head off

Who gon' knock the kid off?

None of y'all which one of y'all come try me

I'll body little homeboy silence that sound boy

Come challenge me please I promise you a homi'

And I'm dipping in a bonnie' and I'm fresh out the county

And I just taught my mami how to shoot a lil' tool

So I hate for you to run up get one up in your stomach

That's one less bullet from my hundred shot UZ'

Put your finger in your gun shot wound

Run to spittle and tell 'em P Crack not COOL

He on that shit that 'ill make a dead man move

Stop train, airplanes fall dawg you gon' LOSE

I'm on my twist you on my list

I bring the wop out of the spot it's on like shit

That nigga crack back and imma pop off my blick

That nigga Mack back you need to hop off our dicks (BRAATT)

(Beanie Sigel)

Fresh out the federal cases I got several

About four or five just had to settle two

They said I try to show a nigga what the metal do

But didn't succeed the nigga still breath

Attempt please I would of hit him in his peas

With the Mac with the beam that got back in the breeze

Only clap from the neck up I'd let the heck-lar plug 'em

I don't think they made Kevlar scullys fuck it

I should of let the AR touch him cuffed him

To the bumper drug him two city blocks

The juice in me and the henny shot

Four perks' and a ?hitter ock?

You shoot first if you get the drop

Your deuce work if you hit the spot

Lose the nurse some one get the doc'

Remove his shirt his pressure drop

Check his vital sign his hemorrhaging finish him


(Hook Beanie Sigel & Peedi Crack)

Load it up roll up BLAT boy flat boy (flatline)

Slow up all that rap 'ill get that boy clapped boy (flatline)

Oh no here we go another (flatline)

P crack B mack is back boy (flatline)

Get him up outta here rrring yea (rring yea)

Don't get plugged to that machine yea (machine yea)

Hold up he losing air (flatline)

Am I clear? (am I clear?) (Flatline) yea (flatline)

(Beanie Sigel)

B seig'll squeeze the eag' on you,

P crack let the Mack rrring on you

Paramedics breath over you

Machines gotta breath for you

Your faggot ass squad wouldn't bleed for you

Get flatlined I'm the wrong one

Short temper with a long gun

My blick longer that a W.I.C. line

Niggaz snitch when the law come

You better run when the boy come

(Peedi Crack)


P crack'll test his aim on you

B mack just bang on you

Flesh just hang on you

And I don't know what u been told

But when my Mac unload

I'm guaranteed to turn a nigga cold

Got ten shots for the present and the top

Risin' off Porsche eleven about seven stops

Get back on this gat I throw it for my pop

I'm not lying don't get your ass flatline






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