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Beanie Sigel - I don't do much



Hmm, sh**, I don't do much

Y'knawmean? Smoke weed, f*** bi***es, huh

Get paper cuts from countin money...

I just be chillin, y'knawmean?

Menage trois, knawmean? Quadrupla trois...

Y'knawmean? sh** I don't do much

All that sh**, what you expect man?

[Verse 1]

Yo, I don't do much, you know Mac stay sucker free

So please don't f*** with me

You don't really want war

You don't really want the heat from the four

You don't really wanna eat out a straw

Man you niggas is broke, y'all niggas aint got no cash

Man you niggas aint got no stash

Where your wheel and your rims?

Motherf***er look at the heel on your Timbs

Nigga your walk and your talk you niggas is ass

sh**, I don't do much, you know Mac, lay in the cut

In the 'telly somewhere layin a smut

Champelly, purple hayin it up

Front row A layin it up

Or in the kitchen prob'ly weighin it up

Or in a mission prob'ly sprayin sh** up

Niggas playin too much

I try to chill but they be sayin too much

But you know they dont say it to me

They don't play wit me

You sh** where you eat, you might as well lay in your pee

sh**, I don't do much

I don't do much

sh**, I don't do much

Y'knawmean? f***...

f***, I don't do much

I be chillin man, I don't know about y'all though

sh** I don't do much

[Verse 2]

I roll a L, go in the booth

Spark it up, start blowin the truth

I don't do much, I smoke weed, pop pills, sip water

f*** it, keep it real, keep steel, give orders

Suckers, give out halves, squrrlies, y'all call it quarters

Youngun, take this eightball, cuz you take long

And please, don't make me use this eight long

Cuz you could get all six up in your acorn

And trust me...

Y'all don't want that

Y'all don't want Mac to snap on you cats

You don't really want no problems

You don't layin under your squatter

You don't want me fire bombin your house

You don't want me duct tapin your mouth

Better yet, pourin lye in your mouth

You don't want me smackin up your kids

You don't want me layin up in your trash

Poppin up, then I'm poppin your ass

Cuz you won't do sh**

I don't do much

sh**, I don't do much

Y'knawmean, I just be chillin I be smokin man

I don't be thinkin about y'all niggas man (I don't do much)

Y'knawmean, I be chillin

sh**, I don't do much

[Verse 3]

I just chill up in the middle of the block

Watch my younguns make a killin on the block

Tell 'em watch trucks who be wheelin through the block

Get shot, get shucked with vans chillin on the block

sh**, I don't do much, I just chill and relax alot

I don't hustle, I just tax the block

sh**, I don't do much, I just roll out and play wit tools

That make you f**gots obey the rules

sh**, y'all don't do much

But drink 40's, look dumb on the block

Damn near 40, still runnin from cops

Y'all don't do much

Y'all niggas aint stackin no cash

That sh** you pack got a crack in yo' ass

Y'all don't give a f***, y'all gon' get cuffed

And I'ma laugh when y'all get stuck

sh**, I don't do much

Heh, y'knawmean, y'knawmean?

I don't do much

I don't give a f*** man, smoke weed, get high

f*** bi***es, that's my biz (I don't do much)


I don't do much

Y'knawmean four pound?

sh**, I don't do much

I don't do much

And I don't give a f***




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