Besedila pesmi

Beanie Sigel - Mom praying




I just hear mom praying, I just hear gran sayin...

'Somebody oughta just, reach out and, help me...'

[Verse 1]

Eight decades and four years and gran still kickin

Look at ma, still whippin

Still keep a strap, won't hesitate to give the kids whippins

Tryin to make it to heaven, still livin

Make a visit, stop by the weed spot grab a dub

I know grams gon' have me a grub

I hit the front door, smell aroma of her food cookin

My favorite, a pot of rice and her stewed chicken

Hit the basement, holla at Uncle Doc

Nephew, wit Snu kickin

Where dudes, what's your new mission

We bust it up he cold frontin

I know this nigga wanna hold somethin

I know grams upstairs preppin for church

Matchin up her hat, shoes, pocketbooks and skirts

I break her off some dubs, so she can go see the preacher man

Even though I know he false teachin, damn


All I hear is grams prayin, I keep hearin moms sayin, sh**

'Somebody oughta just, reach out and, help me...'

That's all I hear is moms prayin, I keep hearin grams sayin...

'Somebody oughta just reach out and, help me...'

Don't cry mama, your baby boy done weathered the storm

And I found peace right here in your arms

By the way, how you gettin along, huh?

I know it's been tough bearing the pain since daddy's been gone

But, all in all, you still stood tall and never shedded a tear

I'm thankin God you still here

Cause, only heaven knows all my heartaches and setbacks

Goin from a high school dropout to shovelin wet wax

I'm never gon' forget that, look in your eyes, (look in your eyes)

When you told me that my grandfather died

It was like nothing had happened, (naw) and I'm knowin that you miss him

But to accept death, is just the side of a good Christian

And I miss him, just words, and I lived it in life (lived it in life)

and I take it step by step, but I take it in Christ (take it in Christ)

Cuz I'm knowin I can't make it alone (uh, uh)

You told me not to buy you a new house because in heaven's your home

and as hurt as I was, I had to smile witcha

and thank God that we crossed paths cuz you one strong sister

and I'm never gon' forget ya

Heaven sent us an angel and the world gon' miss ya... mama

[Verse 3]

I'm in love with two women

The one that birth me

and the one that birth her

Know that you gotta hurt me

Before you hurt her or hurt her

Or hurt them or hurt we

I cursed see the worsest death

Beat you niggas to a thirsest breath

Off wit ya head niggas, f*** that all purpose vest

I'm ridin all out for Umi

Christian Caffer, though I follow the path of the sumi

What can I do but bow down and give offerings

For the lady with the softest skin

Keep picturin grams tuckin me in

Breakin me out of her change purse

Slash teacher, slash preacher, slash changed nurse

One woman, ten boys, seven daughters

Three story house wit no supporter

Damn, you wanna get your life in order

Words from the oldest boy of your youngest daughter




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