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Beanie Sigel - Think it's a game



[Chorus: Saint Nick]

Think it's a game 'til them thangs come out

I bang out 'til your brains hang out..

.. cause you're f***in with a gangsta nigga, a gangsta nigga

Think it's a game 'til them thangs come out

I bang out 'til your brains hang out..

.. cause you're f***in with a gangsta nigga, a gangsta nigga

[Beanie Sigel]

It was a, full moon in the beginnin of March

Bout the end of Winter '74

The gangsta was born, introduced to sinnin and spinnin women

Cats with big hats slammin Cadillac doors

Who choosin hoes, you losin hoes, you niggaz loose witcha hoes

You motherf***er y'all ain't used to no hoes

Niggaz wanna LoJack, track your bi***es, shack your bi***es

I pimps up, smack my bi***es

You wanna f*** trick your bi***es

I duck flip my bi***es, get that cash with that extra ass bi***

Plus I keep a gat at arm reach

You ain't no hustler youse a car thief, nigga where your car keys?

Crack topic, back block it

Thirty-one long black top it, you can't stop it, gat top it

Black Mack, black glock it, blast rocket

Sit your f**got-ass on your back pocket (bi***)

It's not a game, prick

Straight gangsta nigga.. uhh, uh-huh-UHH-UHH

Straight gangsta nigga.. yeah

They call me, Hov' the hustler, dough doubler

Drove customers crazy in the late 80's, early 90's

Now you can find me, girlie behind me, holdin my mink up

Ice pinkie ring in the air, drinkin my drink up

Top down, 'dro in the air, blowin that stink up

It's seldom that I smoke, but it helps my thinker

Makes me a, mathematician about my math

Get celebrity ass, I'm a statistician - rap with precision

Nigga, your hoe chose Hov', that's rapid division

Now divide yourself and slide

I, young Vito, voice of the young people

Mouthpiece for hustlers, ventriloquist for jugglers

Took it where few went, made a few cents

Don't call me Hov' no more, call me _The Blueprint_

Sold dope (and) sold crack (and) sold soap (and) sold rap (and)

bought Bentley's, bought 'em back, nigga can you buy that??

Purpose for man - worship Allah, then you die

Purpose of my gun - run in yo' shop and take pies

Purpose of my son - raise him to do the same

Clip blazin it through your brains

Strip, use it 'til it's burned out

Benz Coupes, Jags and trucks when we roll out

Man it ain't no lie, it's real as this four-five

And real as these five salaats, whether we Deen or not

Our kids gotta eat, red Beamer stops

where your connects gotta meet, interrupt your cop

Dependin on the dope size, we slide it from (?) size

With hammers with hollows you feel we follow we're both risin

They killed your cousin you strapped and you won't ride and

don't think cause I rap that I won't (?)

Play O-Dog in _Menace_ and drive-by men

Real gangsters keep a bi*** in the wheel, workin the gas tank

Hoes on the strip, bringin that cash in

[Lil Chris]

It's C the young gunner, they call me the boy wonder

Without that caped crusader, that cake is major, uhh

Nickel plate stay with it, except for in school

Metal detectors in school, for every last nickel get moved

f***ed every bad little bi*** in the school

Good with math but I skipped it in school

Ankle to shop but I'm sick with them tools

sh**, that's why I'm kicked out of school

f*** J's by da locker, come and holla, uhh

Out on my own, movin out with the chrome

And can't nobody take me out of that zone, not even A.I.

It ain't even a business, it's just the way I

get it consistantly, flip it until the day I'm gone

Scream beef any day and it's on

The same Chris dangerous with a eight in my palm

And been paid since the day I was born

But these lames think it's a game 'til them thangs is drawn, uhh




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