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Black Eyed Peas - Bep Empire



Three, four..

Chk UHH.. chk UHH..

I'm the W-I, double-L-I-Am

Linkin up with the Primo, do it (do it)

He's the T-to-the-A-to-the-B-oh-oh

Linkin up with the Primo, do it (do it)

He's the A-P-L-to-the-D-E-Ap

Linkin up with the Primo, do it..

And we the B-to-the-E-to-the-P

Hookin up with Primo (?) do it (do it)

[Verse One]

We comin through to take control of each zip code

Bridgin the gap from rap to calypso

We gonna strike each city from 'Frisco

Tokyo to back to San Luis Obispo

(??) data, descendants of Amadeus

Transmitted through your CD's, tapes and record players

We the crusaders, attack like alligators

Yo, we're known to elevate like escalators

Yo, we comin through to control your area

Black Eyed Peas control your area

Bringin the vibe that create hysteria

Wack MC's vacate your area

We three deep, comin out of yo' speaker

I'm bustin your woofer and tearin through your tweeter

Every rapper's talkin bout killin somebody

but they ain't hip-hop to me (check it out)


This is the hip hip hip, the hop hop hop

We keep it keep it movin, non non stop

{*scratch 'Black Eyed Peas'*} Yo, we keep it movin

{*scratch*} Yo, we keep it movin

the hip hip hip, the hop hop hop

We keep it keep it movin, non non stop

{*scratch 'Black Eyed Peas'*} Yo, we keep it movin

{*scratch*} We got to keep it movin

[Verse Two]

It's the Black Eyed Peas (?) climbin up the Empire

State tower livin is the mission desired

I see a lot of liars so to dem I cross and fire

and they lyrics soundin tired, repetitious and expired

Cool dem down troop before they time get picked

I can't take dem serious talkin about bullshit

Got money and cars but, can't bullshit

and your lyrics are soundin like, some doo doo shit

While I'm holdin the mic tight, recite livin insight

so we can all benefit from the artform

(??) took, (??) you to make dough

but forgot the main goal, almost lost the soul and got norm

Cause everybody's talkin bout, high profilin

but it ain't hip-hop to me (why why why)

Cause everybody's talkin bout, high profilin

but it ain't hip-hop to me (so check it out y'all)


{*scratch* 'I like the way the rhythm makes me jump'}

{'Got black to asian, and caucasian sayin,

'That's the joint, that's the jam''}

{*scratch* 'Let your body collide to the rhythm provided by the'}

{'Black Eyed Peas'}

{'Through a nation we build, off the music field

or a visual thrill, we do what we feel'}

[Verse Three]

Yeah, your style's dated and you ain't came out yet

Don't think you're +fresh+ cause you're rockin them outfits

I think you're lost, cause you don't know where your route is

Pick up the mic, put your money where your mouth is

I pick up the mic and put my lyrics where my mouth is

Hit your spirit, make you jump out them couches

Quick agility to slow-like slouches

with more bounce to the freak of def ounces

And we announce this, follow us to show you what the sound is

Primo and the Peas collaboratin like great

Aiyyo let's do this, let's do this, we show you who the crew is

Black Eyed Peas is like the rulers leavin all you brothers clueless

Haters hater us if you wanna, we gon' speak on it

We gon' tell the world why hip-hop is haunted

Funny is a drug and MC's is on it

We gon' take it back to the days of Soulsonic

[Chorus] * 2X w/ variations




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