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Black Sabbath - Back street kids



I'm just another back street kid

Rock 'n Roll music is the only thing I really dig

Can't stop the music going round inside my head

I'm a rock 'n roll soldier, gonna play it until I'm dead

Nobody I know is gonna take my rock 'n roll away from me

Sitting in the back seat of a shiny limousine

Living in a taxi can't remember where I've been

Playing my music, sitting in my hotel room

Writing about the stars and thinking about the hand of doom

Nobody I know is gonna take my rock 'n roll away from me

Living life comes easy if you know which way you're going

Got to see yourself in other's eye's, surprised?

Living like I want to don't come easy, but I'm trying

Sorting out what's true and what are lies, it's wise

Brought up in a back street living with the salt of the land

Seems that now my music's paying off my tax demands

So listen to the music, want to see you get so high

'Cause I'm a back street rocker and I will be till the day I die

Nobody I know is gonna take my rock 'n roll away from me




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