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Blood Brothers - Beautiful horses



Ride! Ride! Ride the crippled horse.

Ride the broken mare.

Ride the jaundice buck.

Ride the dead Pegasus.

You're so f***ed up, you're a f***ing mess.

Ride the naseous horse.

Ride the broken mare.

Ride the bony nag.

Ride the tattered pony.

You're so f***ed up, you're a f***ing mess.

Manes in your mouth, hooves on your chest.

From the country club, girl. To the crypt now, girl.

Saddle up now, girl.

Climb into the television

stick your horrible nose into every sitcom.

Into the vile game show host's

c***pit mouth and down his throat.

Jump over jungles cooking in napalm.

Leap over nations shaved by carpet bombs.

Into the burning treasury and set the heart attack children free.

C'mon pony, deman your rights.

C'mon pony, demand your rights!

Prance into the halls of Congress, vomit into the speakers lap.

Gallop into your romance novels, dance atop heavy pectorals.

Ride! Ride!

You're so f***ed up, you're a f***ing mess.

Trash can saddle

ride in the show pony parade

and collapse

and come in f***ing last.




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