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Bomfunk Mc's - B-boys & fly girls



B-Boys, Fly girls, throw your hands in the air,

Aah yeah, like you just don't care.

Old school sounds, come down blasting,

All the homies in the house, you know they be maxin'.

Coolin' out with style-like back in the days,

Representin' the skills, puttin' suckers in their place.

Funky fresh with the most finest,

DJ cuttin' records, so you could impress.

All the flygirls, yeah, the sexy ladies,

See, ain't no doubt about what's happening later.

B-Boys, Fly girls, throw your hands in the air.

Aah yeah, like you just don't care.

Two turntables and a microphone,

That's all we need to rock on the show.

Bam, bam, bam, are you ready for yes-yes-yal('in),

Get your funky ass up, this is the last calling.


B-Boys, Fly girls, throw your hands in the air.

Aah yeah, like you just don't care.




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