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Bonnie Raitt - I need love



I need love

And I search it everyplace I go

And lately I been in a zone

It's got a will of its own

But right now I'm here to discuss

Just what you think about us

I need love, I need love

And I'm checkin everything I see

You know at times I wanna take on three

That's just the way I could be

I let you know about that

Just so you know where I'm at

I need love, I need love

It's always been this way and ain't' nothin'

Gonna change it

And ain't nothing you can try

I need love, I need love

And I'm takin every chance I man

And baby you could make my day

There's just one thing I should say

Now that's it's all said and done

You know I do need to run

I need love, I need love




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