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Bonnie Raitt - Spit of love



There's a howlin at my window, baby

I hear him closin in

That green-eyed jackal's got the scent

Knows I'll let him in

He slinks in by me at the fire

More bitter than the cold

And it's a rage as old as Hades

That'll sputter on these coals

I'm callin on the Furies, to let the toast begin

I'm roasting on the spit of love again

I never have believed you

But I stick around for more

Somethin bout that hollow in your eyes

There's a darkness at the core

Well, it's got me slowly turnin

I'm basting on the bone

I'm skewered like some drunken fool

In juices all my own

Callin the Furies' carrion choir

Singin me back upon the pyre

I'm roasting on that spit of love again

You can call it what you want

But it's lyin just the same

There's no mercy in these ashes, baby

When your love's a cryin shame

And they're howlin in moonlight, baby

They're here to call my bluff

they're wonderin if there'll ever come a day

When I'll have finally had enough

I'm callin on the Furies, to let the toast begin

I'm roasting on that spit of love again




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