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bow wow - I'm Back




West coast why dont ya'll just we-walk wit me

East coast just harlem shake sh- shake wit me

Midwest just chickenhead -enhead wit me

Dirty South just b-b-bounce b-bounce wit me


I'm B-A-C-K (oh!) [3x]

Erri erri Bow Bow Bow Wow

Me fall off? Dawg you can't be serious

Cuz I've been doing this since I was in baby diapers

All my life this talent be bumpin' in my veins

I know these girls is happy that I'm back in the game

While I was gone the question was: When ya album come out?

Another one to go cop so ya'll could scream and shout

Been away for a minute

Negotiatin' some deals

Discussin' some business on how I can make mils

Man, it feels good to know that ya fans love it

I've been flyin' back and forth just meetin' with Warner Bros.

You know, sitcom's gonna be on yo TV

So all the Bow Wow fans could see me on GP


Every dawg has his day so right now be mine

I ain't no unpolished I'm a polished diamond that shine

Had to retire my Mickey Mouse, I gotten too old

Peach fuzz on my lip, homeboy I'm grown

I'm that eastside e-savin 614

Rep it girl get a playboy that flow, got that to look at

Be on top number one is my rank

I enjoy sittin' back watchin' ya'll mc's sing (uhu uh)

You see that Z? That's me inside

I blow chicks minds when they see me pushin' the ride

I'm back and dawg I ain't cuttin' no slack

I'm back fo my homie (yeah)

Ya heard that?


Oh, you want some advice?

Well, without a doubt

Dawg don't come out when Bow Wow's out

When I spit my rhymes be as sharp as a dart

Another album that's finished, shoot straight up the charts

Number one videos straight to 106

Every suburban middle American gonna be bumpin' this

See, I'm real don't worry

I got it on lock

When the boy wonder's around I shut down shop

Rapper slash actor slash

I cause total chaos

I got it in a smash

Homie ain't nobody hotter

I told you that I'm back

And I'm goin' back for the whole enchilada, you got it



Erri erri Bow Bow....

I'm B-A-C-K.....




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