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Boyzone - I Will Miss You



I thought that I
Was like an island
Guess I was wrong
Guess I was wrong
I see your face
And then it hits me
That I will miss you
Oh when you're gone

My heart will sleep
Until you wake it
I hope and pray
It won't be long

This house is home
And when you leave it
Then I will miss you
Oh when you're gone

I've been taking it all for granted
It was there in front of my face
I couldn't see into understanding
And how could I know
How could I loose my way

I've been taking it all for granted
I got no excuses for that
I couldn't see into understanding
But how could I know
I wonder when you look back

Will you remember
Our road is straight
Our road is long
My heart is with you
And I will miss you
Oh I will miss you
I know I will miss you
Oh when you're gone




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