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Brian McKnight - Silent Night (Featuring Mrs. Nat King Cole)



I'm Mrs. Nat King Cole
And what a joy it's been
To be asked by Brian McKnight
To remember some of the christmas' with my husband
We were married 17 years and 15 of those years
We spent every Christmas the same way
It was God, love, and our children
And our closest friends
It was always the same menu
He got up at 5 o'clock in the morning
And with me and my children
We opened gifts
We have really, so much to remember in our family
I hope that some of you do too
I hope you will remember the love first
And then your family
It is just so important
My husband's gone
But you know something, I have his grandchildren
That's gonna be wonderful for me
But there's one line I've got to leave with you
Merry Christmas to kids from 1 to 92




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