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Brooke allison - My heart goes boom



Boom Boom

Oooh, ya ya

Each day I'm waiting for another chance to see your face

Each night I'm praying that tomorrow brings back your embrace

I know, you know, that you're the only one I need

My heart goes boom, boom when I get next to you baby

Oooh, ooh, cause of what you do

And every single day, and all the love you bring

Makes my heart get a funny little feeling

Makes me wanna keep dreaming

Say you're mine and you're never leaving

Baby, you're the only one I need

Boom, boom, boom, ya

Hey, hey, hey, ah ya

The only one I want

When you call me baby, you completely turn my heart all around

And boy when you touch me, you just take me high above the ground

I know, you know, that you're the only one I need


Each day I'm waiting

Each night I'm praying

For your love one more time

And with your arms all around me

There's no mistaking, oh baby

You're the only one I need

Hey, hey hey

Ya ya ya

Hey hey hey

You're the only one, the only one, baby





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