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Brooke allison - Toodle-oo



I've been waiting for so long

When I thought I had thought you were gone

But now you're callin' me

You been checkin' loud but you said nothing

When you knew that I felt something¡ªshould've never fell for you

You wanna talk that game but you ain't got the nerve

You're gonna trip on this when you get what you deserve

(I'm over you)

Don't Start Now

The feeling's come and gone

You played me far too long

Now I'm over you

Toodle-oo baby

Don't Start Now

The feeling's come and gone

You played me far too long

Now I'm over you

Toodle-oo baby

My friends they tell me you're no good I never listen but I should

Cause you ain't right for me

Now you're stopping over every day

Getting all your stuff up in my face

And that ain't what I need

There was a time when you were fine you were the one

And now I'm steppin' out the deal is said and done


All I wanted was to chill sometime with you

But I never got a single sign from you

Had to be a player crimin' with your crew

Thinking it was dope¡ª(I don't think so)

Now you're comin' on ancient history

Take a look around it ain't no mystery

Time for you to find a ho in hosiery

I ain't standin' with you





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