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Brooke allison - Without you



I think It's time I let you know

The way that I feel

It's not fiction but reality

You are the one that my heart beats for

You are the one that's taken control of me

I know that your love is right

The smile that's on my face

Boy I can't hide the way I feel

I know that the things that you do

I can't keep it all inside

And I just gotta sing aloud

There is no sun

There's no stars to shine

Without you

There is no day no night

No moon or light

No world without you

There is no thought

There is no place or time

Without you

Without you

Boy now Tell me, what in the world would I do?

You are my song

You are my melody

Sweet violins play

When you're standing next to me

There is no end to the joy you bring

Gotta let you know

You're my Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring

I know that your love is right

The smile that is on your face

Boy, I can't hide the way you feel

I know that the things you do

I can't keep it all inside

And I just gotta sing aloud


Thinking all day long about the words that I want to say

And my feelings for you

If only you could read my mind you would tell me that

You feel like I do

So listen to my poetry when I sing this song

How I'm feelin' this way

It's simple like my melody

So listen to what I have to say¡­





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