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Brooke Fraser - Still in love



I'm not hanging on your every word

I'm thriving on my self-sufficiency

I'm not listening to the things I've heard

About me and you

People think there must be something to the way

I talk about you every chance I get

But if I think about you night and day

Doesn't mean I'm ready yet

Maybe I am knee-deep in denial

Or maybe I'm just trying to move on

Maybe I should keep away awhile

But if distance is right I'd rather be wrong

'Cos I love the way you're smiling at me

When you know it's true

I'm still in love with you

And I love the way you're really trying

Not to let me see

You're still in love with me too

I am way to proud to verbalise my feelings

And you are way to mean if you just let this brew

It's a complicated hand that you've been dealing

Time to win me over: fold and make your move

Smooth some calm over this situation

I can't get past the way I feel for you

It's the little things that make this worth the effort

It's the small, little, insignificant things you do

That make me love the way you're glancing, hoping

When you know it's true

I'm still in love with you

And I love that I'm barely coping

When you let me see

You're still in love with me to

In love, still in love with

In love, still in love with

In love, still in love with you




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