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Brooks & Dunn - Mama don't get dressed up for nothing



She said hey cowboy get off of that couch

Yeah, the party's on and we're goin' out

I got my low cut dress and my knee highboots

I'm like money to burn and nothing to lose

You're the man of the house you better think of something

'Cause Mama don't get dressed up for nothing

She said I been cooped up in this house all week

It's time to pick it up and move it out to party street

She said saddle up hoss it's your lucky day

And I'm a she cat tiger comin' out of the cage

We can go high rollin' or beer joint jumpin'

Mama don't get dressed up for nothing

She's hard to handle, a little high strung

I'll see her bet and I'll raise her one

I love when she gets wound up

I'm Jack of Hearts, she's my Lady Luck

We re gonna find a little place where we can rip and roar

We gonna cut a deep groove in that hardwood floor

Set up the shooters and break out the green

Throw a whole row of quarters in the boogie machine

We gonna turn up the heat and keep the jukebox humpin'

'Cause mama don't get dressed up for nothing

Go high rollin' or beer joint jumpin'

Mama don't get dressed up for nothing

She said babe you better think of something

'Cause mama don't get dressed up for nothing




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