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Bryan adams & barbara streisand - I finally found someone



I Finally Found Someone

lyrics: I finally found someone

who knocks me off my feet

i finally found the one

who makes me feel complete

it started over coffee

we started off as friends

its funny how from simple things the best things begin

this time its different, it's all because of you

its betther than it's ever been

cause we can talk it through favorite line

was can i call you sometime

its all u had to say to take my breath away

this is it


i finally found someone

someone to share my life

i finally found the one to be with every night

cuz whatever i do it's just got to be you

my life has just begun

i finally found someone

oooh someone .i finally found somenoe

did i keep u waiting? (i didnt mind)

i apologize (baby that's fine)

i will wait forever just to know you were mine (ooh)

you know i love your hair ( sure it looks right?)

i love what you wear (isnt it too tight?)

you're exceptional

i can't wait for the rest of my life


ohh my life has just begun i've finally found someone

and whatever i's just got to be you

ohh my life has just begun....

i've finally found someone...........




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