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Buckcherry - Ridin



Everyone take your places we're fucking it up going crazy, another town witch way to roll and you know that we're taking it

Stoned baby loves to go riding she loves it cause she's sick in the head, lights down music loud and you know that we're making it

We're going riding, we're gonna find away, we're going riding and when the fear has left you put one down and go home

Phat like a fiend on a payday the crazy days have taken their toll, and if you think the roads a bore well you know that your faking it

Your so upset but complacent I know a place that you otta go, Calvins in the back your face in my lap and lets roll


All the way from the west side of town we get up and we never come down got the juice and we're loose cause we want to get wasted

Fucked up from the left side down and mom and dad are out of town you know they don't like it when your stoned





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