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Cannibal Corpse - Monolith



Imminent decay of life

Ruthless, dead monolith

Human race will be devoured


Ghoulish - undead vanguard, silent killers,

striking quickly

Blood lust - for the living, eat their flesh,

drink their blood

Callous - in their method,

murderers, murderers

Horrific infiltration, monolith of undead

Slay the living

Is only object for this

bestial rotting horde

Slaughtering the helpless,

slaughter all that lives

Driven by an evil force, to feed on humankind

Exterminate resistance, exterminate them all

Cunning and yet mindless

stealthfully they kill

Army of decay plodding

toward the breathing ones

Countless decomposing

corpses walk upon the earth

Outnumbering the living,

soon they'll be extinct

Zombies, seek life

Mindless killing all in sight,

addicted to entrails

They crave warm flesh

Hunting, dead seek

Ruthless feeding on the weak,

savagery prevails

Tear them to shreds

Fighting, undead

Flesh wounds bleeding black not red,

invincible undead force

There is no hope

Zombies, devour

Quicken mankind's final hour,

fate will run its course

There is no hope

Walking dead surround,

search for living flesh

Ambush on the town, takes a shocking toll

Screams of living fade as

the dead destroy their lives

They die

Hollowed bodies heap, empty carcasses

Innards are devoured by the mob of ghouls

Remaining living flee the horde

Ghoulish - undead vanguard, silent killers,

striking quickly

Blood lust - for the living,

drink their fresh blood

Callous - in their method

murderers, murderers

Horrific infiltration, monolith

[Lead - Owen]

Imminent decay of life

Cause by this monolith

Human race was sacrificed

Their future does not exist

Armies of undead

Slaying the living

Bestial rotting horde

Monolith of death





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