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Cannibal Corpse - Orgasm Through Torture



Suffer to survive

Instinct I despise

Stalking the night, searching for

A victim to defile

Cock she craves today

Cum she wants to spray

And to reach the orgasm through torture

From behind, pain shivering down my spine

I feel paralyzed only controlling my mind

Strapped to a table, naked, genitals exposed

Eyes claimed open, mouth

gagged shut, terrified

Locks my scrotum in a vice and

tightens forcefully

Agony, silent screams, want to die

Shackled and bound, unaware my fate

Destined to be maimed to stimulate

The skin is peeled off my dick

Done with a razor blade

She begins to suck

Blood and cum amok

She rips my cock off with her teeth

Masticate, gnawing and chewing the stump

She regurgitates, I'm covered in my bloody


Suffer to survive

Instinct I despise

I am alive, victimized

Tortured fate, asexual state




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