Besedila pesmi

Channel Zero - Lovehate satellite



Explosion of dynamite emotional suicide

We'll bring you as close as we can

Universal misery assassination artillery

The camera's are making a scan

Devil in a beauty box moral bitches sucking cocks

Erections are made up for you

Everlasting media to paramountal violence

Competition the financial news

Remote control is eating my soul

Multiple choice bites you overall

It's a love hate satellite

Systematic deviation good belief or false creation

The presets are shifted by rules

Antiquated extradited sexually brutalised

The victims are treated like tools

Remote control is eating my soul

Multiple choice bites you overall

So what if you live for the screen

And you die by the screen

The information highways are overfilled

The frequencies were scanning on

Are drowning in the overcast

Please enjoy while it lasts

And I can't get enough

It's a love hate satellite

Love hate satellite

So now you're aiming for lust

Jack off in the dust

While the neighbours have ears on the wall

We socialize the human race

While sitting in a rusty coach

Please enjoy while it lasts

So now you blow up the sun

The show must go on

Blowing up the bridges that we have built

The aggression we're promoting here

Is giving you a moral blast

Please enjoy while it lasts




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