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Channel Zero - Mastermind



Prove yourself stand up straight

It's the nature of the beast

Every day and every hour

Is a progress on the feast

Cheers my friend we'll take you to the end

To a place you've never been

You're so fine for the crime to become a mastermind

Step aside the fears you have

And prove you're a chosen one

Burn the flame that represents

The colours of your bloody name

Activate and tell no one

And keep it for surprise

Hold the line 'cause it's time

To become a mastermind.

Listen to the mastermind

Only to the mastermind

And obey the mastermind

Inside you, you gotta try to

And obey the mastermind

Masturbating mastermind

Listen to the mastermind

Inside you, you gotta try to find

I saw his masters head in the mirror

Laughing at me, 'cause I'm no longer free and he knows, yes he knows

Ain't got no time to be weak

And lose it all before I break

And pay back for mistakes I make

Don't spoil my energy

And leave some for the enemy

I'll rape your mindless soul

And kick it back into it's hole

Ain't got no time to be weak

Ain't got no time to be afraid

Don't spoil my energy

I'll rape your mindless soul




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