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Christina Aguilera - Cruz



I'm leaving todayLiving it, leaving it to changeSlowly drifting into a peaceful breezeTongue tied, twisted are all my memoriesCelebrating a fantasy come truePacking all my bags finally on the moveI'm leaving todayI'm living it, leaving it to changeAs I'm driving I'm captured by the viewOf so much beauty, the road becomes my museThe heat is rising and my head soars through the windCool, calm, collective is a child that lost a thingI'm leaving todayI'm living it, I'm leaving it to changeI'm leaving todayI'm living it, I'm leaving it to changeBut somehow I'm missingI think I really miss itDon't walk awayAnd I'm feeling like I've never felt beforeTurn down the memories of yesteryears and broken dreamsI'm free, finally freeSlowly drifting into a peaceful breezeI'm leaving todayI'm living it, leaving it to changeSee I'm leaving todayI'm living it, I'm leaving it to changeI'm leaving today (I'm leaving it to change)Living it, I'm leaving it to changeLiving it, leaving itSaid I'm living it, leaving itLiving it, leaving it to change(I'm leaving it to change)But somehow I miss itI think I really miss itOne day




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