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Christina Aguilera - I Am Not Alone



You are here in my heart,
youre the light that guides me through the dark.
You walk beside me,
the night seems cold each time I fall,
Your arms are there to hold.

You walk beside me, giving strength Ive never known.
And I am not alone
You walk beside me.
(I am not alone)

You are here in my mind,
I talk to you and all my fears unwind.
I know Im loved, for who I am,
You make me want to be the best that I can.
And you walk beside me, giving strength Ive never known.

I am not alone,
You walk beside me.
I am not alone
whereever the road leads.

And I rely on your patience,
when I face the unknown.
And becuase of you, I am...
I am not alone...

I am not alone...oooh

Youre always beside me, yeah, I am not alone.
In the sun, In the rain
through the good times and
in the pain.
Youre always beside me,
I reach out for your hand,
I know that you understand.




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