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Ciara - Thug Style



You changed the game

I like it thug style

Hey you its me turn the music down

So you can hear my imitation

La la la.. la la-la la-la la la… la la

Now what I want u to do is come through the crib right now

Without hesitation

La la la.. la la-la la-la la la… la la

So don’t ask me what I want

Cuz I want u to hurry up

And get over here and see me

Act just like u need me

Hurry hurry hurry

Got ten minutes


Tick tock

Where u at

Looking at my clock its about that time

Knock knock

There u is

I’ve been waiting on u for a long long time

Baby don’t stop stop

I don’t mind if u make me hot hot

Cuz imma keep your love on lock lock

Lock ooh ohh yeah


U changed the game

I like it thug style

When im around u

U always make me smile

Make me so excited

Come on don’t deny me

Oohh the second time

Oohh lets do it right

U changed the game I like it thug style

Now my parents are gone

And I cant believe its me who needed to see u

La la la.. la la-la la-la la la… la la

Nobodys home we can kick it all night

I no that u don’t have a curfew

La la la.. la la-la la-la la la… la la

Now don’t move too fast

But don’t move too slow

Baby catch the rhythm that im giving u

Ooh I love the rhythm

I’m feelin u

[Repeat bridge + chorus]

Something bout u

that’s got me wantin u like I do

Baby now I cant wait for your love

I anticipate ooh

Baby just tell your friends that you wont be with them tonight

Baby its u and me so put your hands up and feel this ooh

[Repeat chorus]




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