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Coolio - County Line



Seven in the morning, standing in the line
three fools in front of me, drinking on some wine
two in the back of me sucking on a joint
and one in back of them ready for a new sport
there's 4-5 suckers way way in the back
stooped down low with the crowd smokin' crack
they looking at me funny coz I got a record out
and a nigga with a record out is supposed to have some proud
a forth of the people in the line be hookers
but the other forth betta ask help themself
a forth of the people having good faith
and all of the rest all fucked up in the head
a bald headed stank bitch is about to make me laugh
and a nigga who need a bath is asking for my autograph
ain't nothing changed but the time
I got to get mine, so I'm standing in the county line


This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh
coz it's all about money, ain't a damn thing funny
This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh
you got to have the conned, and let'n them looking funny

Verse 2:

I walked through the front door to fill out my ap
Here comes another sap asking if I rap
I don't say a word coz he know that I do
I'm down with the MAAD ass U know Hoo!
I take a numer and a seat
I'm sweating from the heat
Somebody got their shoes off
I smell their feet
My number is 80, it's still on 20
I look up at the clock and now IS 10:30
Free butter and cheese oh please, oh please
Can I get my food stamps so I can leave
I got money and a car but they don't really know it
now they asking me a gang of questions coz I told them I was homeless
I'm living in a car drive back in the alley
but I use to shack up with a hooker named Sally
line after line
ruff is the time
My life is in a bomb so I'm standing in the county line


Verse 3:

I'm sittin' at a desk talking to a social worker
She thinks I'm a fool but I know that I can work her

-Punk ass ho' sittin' behind the window all toe up ass tramp
rollin' that week sheets of mine

"You have a penetentry record"
-I said I know that BIATCH!

She wants to know what kind a work do I do
I said I haven't worked since 1982
I can't find a job though I looked and I looked
took one hit of the crack and mistook
she sittin there wonderin' what did coz I did
and the whole time I'ma watchin like I'm smokin me a joint
job search work the projects whackness
and in a few weeks I'd get my check
now I got to wait for them to call me trough the window
so I can get some cash to pay for the hotel and the bathshow
it's 5:13 by the clock on the wall
mothafuckez move so I can make a phonecall
shit is getting late and the time is 29
that why so many niggas standing in the county line

-=Chorus x 2 fade out=-




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