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Coolio - Mary Jane



She's my inspiration,
My part-time occupation,
The catalystic intimidation of my quest for education
No other can take her place then,
No assimilation,
So save your false accusations,
I accept no imitations,
That's the situation So without further hesitation,
Let me continue my demonstration for the congregation,
Break it down for all of ya'll simple and plain,
I got love for a girl named Mary Jane.


Whatch ya'll know about mary jane,
How ya'll feel about mary jane,
Ya'll don't know about mary jane,
She's my main thing.

Whatch ya'll know about mary jane,
How ya'll feel about mary jane,
Ya'll don't know about mary jane,
She make my heart sing.

As I walk along the edges of my mind and attempt to contemplate
what it really is that makes me tick,
I'm reminded of emotions that
saturate my thoughts like sunshine,
and no this ain't the first time,
that i'm feeling this feeling that I'm feeling that,
they don't know about my baby and __,
It'll make a strong man stronger and a crazy man sane,
I'm talking about mary jane,
Mary ___,
Yes it opens me, and
makes me see things in a way I'd never thought I'd see,
Mary ease pain and mary never complains,
mary jane penetrate your brain,
know what I'm saying.


I'm not a first and I probably won't be a last,
but I ain't mad at mary cause mary always make me laugh,
Mary bring light to the darkness,
Let me spark one up quickly,
before they come and get me.
Don't listen to what they say 'cause,
mary never contrary
Mary Mary Mary necessary extraordinary,
Me and mary to the mortuary,
Just one kiss from her sweet lips and,
I become a visionary,
Mary never the same,
Mary Don't Change,
Mary make a man walk a mile in the rain,
Mary Mary Never temporary,
She my sanctuary
no other love compares,
I'm the benificiary,
Some say if it's this good then it must be wrong,
but mary make feel so good because mary lasts so long,
mary Mary not no secondary sweeter than a cherry blackberyy, or strwaberry,
Without my girl mary life ain't complete cause mary don't lie and
mary don't steal and mary don't cheat
Let me Break it down for all of ya'll
simple and plain.
I got love for a girl named Mary Jane.


I'm in love with mary jane
I'm not the only one
Mary likes to play around
I let her have her fun
She's not the kind of girl
That you can just tie down
Mary likes to spread her love
And turn my head around
I'm in love with mary jane
She's my main thing
She makes me feel alright
She makes my heart sing
And when I'm feeling low
It comes as no surprise
turns me on with her love
take me to paradise





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