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Cormega - Bring it back



Yo, truer lyrics were praised, the listeners craved

To hear our camera's get caned, the rooftop

Where the dealers will hang, and bubblegooses

And sheepskins, and DJ's play the song cuz they love the music

Way before producers, were gettin' paid for beats

Marley Marl was loopin', he made ya'll able to eat

And B-Boy's were battlin', that stay key on Allington

After school we watched Good Times and bust heroine

When Melle Mel made the Message, it was monumental

Not only was it dope, it also spoke on our issues

Like Public Enemy, my memories, essentially ill

Like hip hop was meant to be, KRS, Audio Two

Treacherous Three, Fearless Four, Furious Five

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, when T-La Rock was in his prime

He spit rhymes, like no one other in his time

When the cannon gettin' fly, Slick Rick, never improvise

L Rock the Bells, DMC rocked cazelles with shells

Skill matter, fuck ya rims and your record sales

Hip hop is Stetsasonic and Mantronic

Ultramagnetic, Schooly D, and Bambataa

When Houdini made friends, it was well spoken

Beretta magic had their rivalry, radio was doper

Masters of Ceremony, Steady P, Dimples D

Then Just Ice, Latoya, hit the streets

Then we got the era of EPMD

The Juice Crew, MC Lyte, and BDP

Main Source breakin' atoms, had amazin' rappin' and beats

Not basically sampling, artist need to regain the passion

It doesn't matter if your chain is platinum

It's what you is average, you would not be mentioned with the greatest rappers

Hip hop is like Egypt, produced from it's greatest to sadness

The industry's enemy, truth that's invading our palace

They steal our culture, desipate our sculptures and claim

The best rappers the complexion of the Roman leader known as Ceaser

I don't believe 'em, I seek knowledge, the Brand Nubian

The soul of Pete Rock, the vibe of the Tribe

Heart of GangStarr, the braves of Diggin' In the Crates

I'm Kool like Moe Dee, vocally I innovate




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