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Cormega - Intro f. dona, miz



[Intro: sample]

Pardon me brother

As you stand in your glory

I know you won't mind

If I tell the whole story

I had the streets waiting

Like a drought, my niggaz be patient

My daughter was recently born, I took a brief hiatus

Then Ty died, then I fell into a deep oasis

Others sparred, which reappeared, when Spree' was traded

Love is love, even with people hatingg

Niggaz be slingin' daily, with no hope, expect for beatin' cases

I frequent places, where single mothers, are teens with babies

And fatherless homes are common as police who hate us

For the color of our skin, or the v's we came in

Rockin' these beats, doin' those sneakers, my scheme be plannin'

Since I came with The Realness, I been labeled the illest

Dealer, M.C., leavin' people amazed with my lyrics

We don't need you to feel us, just recognize

We in the building, with heaters concealed

Burnin' our name in the ceiling, Legal Hustle, nigga

beat change*

My hood divided, I don't fuck with the niggaz from the other side

My homies drop it, like flies

Painful timems have a nigga livin' reckless

All I expected was to see another day

Take my momma out the pj's, it got's to be another way

They pumpin' on my chest, and I'm screamin'

I stop breathing, my love one's leaving

Money never went to those that really need it

Brownsville, Bed-Stuy and Fort Green and

The whole Eastside's sayin' 'fuck the police'

On the mic, I'm a beast

The church tried to critize me for my disbelief

Mentally I'm at war, I'mma smorse' it all

Trials and tribulations, false accusations

Of me, being in deep, we'll shit, they rob me, nigga

Stay on a mission, checkin' my trigger, you niggaz figure

Thinkin' for some reason, this ruger won't make your body shiver

But I'mma let you know, from the start

I was born at this game, now it's a shame to seen it torn apart

Moms cryin', never knew what son had beef

Kissin' his cheeks, and a heart's feelin' nothin' but grief

Receivin' reefs, placin' him at his feet

It's kinda fucked up, to see things happenin' in the streets

Nine-three it was ill in my town

You either buck now, or lay down, or let a nigga feel your pound

That's how it be up in the streets

Money hungry bitches is bigger, noted

But to just let them live, I'm for this eat

And I'mma tell you about niggaz with money

Sorry to say but us blacks be actin' real funny

That's why I deaded Moe on the eighth

Because every time we drama, he always end up coming late

Nowadays niggaz get snaked for being fake

Airin' cats out, and takin' trips out of state

That's how it be up in the city, where niggaz act shitty

Gettin' shift and pretty, I'm trynna hold like Biggie

You niggaz with me, against me, don't' try to stick me

Playin' both sides, I'm bustin' you until I'm empty

Legal Hustle, nigga..




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